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Let's make a toast with our boots!

Toasting Boots Publications!
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A Hetalia Update Community
Hello, everyone! Somehow, you've stumble upon boottoastpub: Boot Toasing Publications, a weekly update community. We're a small duo group whose aim is to update those in the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom but either don't have the time to check or went on a hiatus.

Just so you'd know, we don't watch pairing communities, but only communities that have real news. The official blog is checked regularly as well as the main Axis Powers Hetalia community. Fan works (includes but not limited to: fanfiction, fanart, MADs, etc) are not included in the updates, though. (Depending on the answers)

We, Alfred and Arthur, (mknsen08 and outdreamt respectively), hope that you would be polite and will say at least a "thank you". If we've missed a week, be easy on us because this is seriously hard work. We will be adding up a suggestion post so that we know what we can do to improve.

There's also an update-suggestion post or technically, a post where you, the members, will help us, the mods in our updates. Anything we've missed may be post on the current week while as if you see something in the future that has been confirmed (especially in the official blog with translation), you can post it there.

Please enjoy your stay and have a good time~ formal talking is definitely not for me.